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  Polytex Other industry plant :  
  After many years technology development and actual project movement, POLYTEX has the massive industrialization and the large-scale project.  
  • SIPM Synthesis Lines
  • Staple fiber plant / Spinning plant
  • Liquid effluent treatment plant
  • DMF,THF,EG recovery system
  • Dye relative process plant(indigo)
  • Modification (Batch poly to CP line...)
  • Resin/Varnish
  • Energy conservationand
  • Other chemical process
staple fiber
staple fiber
  SIPM Synthesis Lines ( SIPM ) :  
  • Product Name:
    SIPM Synthesis Lines
    (Sodium-5---Sulfoisophthalic acid dimethyl ester )

  • Product Description:

    • The modification is a important way for improved the dyeabitily of polyester fibre
    • Produce SIPM with isophthalic acid,use of furring sulfuric acid as a sulfonating agent

    SIPM Synthesis Description:

  Modification :  
  • Modification from Batch- poly to CP line
  • Textile grade to Film grade (polyester)
  • CP plant to difference function
  • Modification from second-hand plant
  • Redesign for existing plant
  • DCS modification for existing plant
  • PROCESS modification for existing plant

POLYTEX is the only one engineering company in the world which can supply the conversion from batch-poly plant to CP process. The existing equipments in batch-poly plant are 100% used. A few equipments are added by optimized design. There are more than 3 lines which are modified from 30TPD batch-poly plant to 150TPD CP line.


Advantage of recycled pet process

  • Patent developed by Polytex is recycling polyester melt direct spinning (POY/FDY/PSF) and drawing film device.
  • It is able to use many wastes such as bottle flake, polyester waste and waste filament & staple.
  • Using multi-section duplex polymer filter and adopting on-line viscosity control technology, the main equipment is horizontal ¨Cpushing-flow disc ring type finisher.
  • Special double vacuum system with pollutant-removal unit can remove the low molecular medium efficiently such as PVC, PE, PP etc. It also reduced the manpower greatly and improved the quality of melt.
  • The unique technology of add carbon black or color master batch on line bring the flexible production of different kind of color silk, it increased the added profit of polyester waste.
  • The high-quality of melt ensured the spinnability and solved the problem which affects the final products caused by frequent broken ends or wires.
  • The quality is only a little disparity between recycled pet direct spinning and chips spinning process.The capacity range of plant provided by Polytex is between 60%-130% in normal.
  • Polytex supply conversion from existing chips spinning plant to recycled pet cp spinning.
Polytex owns independent patent technology packages of recycle polyester. At present, the capacity of recycle polyester plant Polytex provided is from single-line 20 TPD to 200 TPD.
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