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  POLYTEX is a full-service, multi-discipline engineering firm. Some of our services include the following:  
  • Feasibility studies and evaluations Cost estimating, scheduling and cash flow forecasts Detailed design, equipment specifications and selection, including detailed bid analysis and recommendations Procurement, equipment inspection, and contract administration,erection supervision,start-up and training.
  POLYTEX use AutoCAD, depending upon our employees' preferences.Listed below is a sampling of our capabilities.  
  • Civil/Structural/Building :
  • Site Development / Layout Drawings Site
  • Process :

    Process Studies and Evaluations, Process Descriptions, Process Safety Pressure Relief, Device Calculations, Process Calculations and Design Basis Documents, Process Flow Diagrams (PFD), Process Equipment Specifications, Piping and Instrument Diagrams (PID)

  • Mechanical :

    Equipment Layouts/Equipment Specifications,Machine Design ASME Code Vessel Design , Utility System Design, Skid Design, Insulation Specifications Dust Collection System Design, Material Handling System Design

  • Piping :

    Piping Orthographics, Piping Isometrics, Piping Spool Sheets, Piping Specifications, Piping Stress Analysis, Pipeline Tables, Piping Specialty Item Lists, Piping Tie-In Lists

  • Electrical :

    Power Distribution Analysis and Design, Elementaries Conduit and Cable Schedules

  • Instrument :

    Instrument Specifications ,Loop Sheets

  • Process Control :

    Process Control System, Design Control Panel, Design Control System, Hardware Specifications Control System, Software Selection System Integration, PLC Programming, Ladder Diagrams, Logic Diagrams, Distributed Control System, Configuration and Programming Communication System Design

  • Project Control :

    Project Status Reports, Project Cost Reports, Total Installation Cost, Control Project Cash Flows ,Project Earned Value Reports

  • Purchasing :

    Vendor/Contractor Qualification Inquiries, Commercial Bid Analysis Purchase Orders Expediting,Vendor Document Coordination and Routing


In addition to these engineering capabilities, POLYTEX provide turn-key project and technique service.


POLYTEX has successfully completed many turn-key projects & technique service projects.

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